Food Safety And Cancer

Anyone who has cancer has a compromised immune system. Disease resistance is a special problem in leukemia and lymphoma, or any kind of cancer complicated by the depletion of white blood cells called neutropenia. One way to minimize the risk of infection is something your doctor is not likely to have time to tell you about. It is simple sanitation when preparing food. Here are five tips for keeping your produce microbe-free that you probably have not heard before:
1. Fruits and vegetables with rough skins or dry skins harbor exponentially more microbes than fruits and vegetable with smooth skins or moist skins. For instance, you bring more germs into your home on a cantaloupe than on an orange. There are more potential disease-causing bacteria on an orange than on an avocado. And an avocado hosts more bacteria than a fresh apple. All your fruits and vegetables need a quick rinse, especially those with rinds usually removed before eating.
2. More germs are removed from vegetables when you wash them from the bottom up rather than from the top down. Scientists at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign found that more the most dangerous strain of E. coli, O:157, was removed from apple slices that were placed in a bowl of water agitated at the bottom than was removed by rinsing them with water from above.
3. Commercial rinsing products really do work, but let’s put them in perspective. Simply rinsing produce in tap water removes about 99 per cent of the microbes on their surfaces. A commercial rinsing product typically removes 99.9 per cent of the microbes on fruits and vegetables. That extra 0.9 per cent can make a difference, but no one should be afraid to eat fruits and vegetables that are rinsed and dried as soon as they are brought home from the market.
4. Refrigeration is even more important than washing. It’s always a good idea to separate clean and “dirty” produce in your refrigerator to avoid cross-contamination. If you cannot wash your produce as soon as you bring it home, at least put it in the refrigerator right away. Germs grow more slowly at low temperatures. You can always wash fruits and vegetables a little later. Just wash them even more carefully. Remember, Salmonella is spread by uncooked meats dripping on produce. Nothing helps you prevent Salmonella in your household more than keeping fruits and vegetables separate from meat, eggs, and dairy.
5. If it comes in with gnats or house flies, wash it, peel it, or throw it away. Fruit flies can transfer E. coli from one fruit or vegetable to others, and scientists at the Volcani Center have found that the bacteria survive on their legs for as long as seven days.
One thing you do not have to worry about with fruit and vegetable cleaning solutions is how long you keep your produce in them. University of Georgia scientists have found that the various commercial products all remove E. coli and Salmonella with even a quick rinse. Dunking veggies in cleanser for a full two minutes did not remove additional germs. Just be sure to give all your fruits and vegetables a quick cleaning before you eat them.

Factors to Consider When Buying Health Products Online

Millions of consumers use or rely on the internet to learn about and buy their health products, be they herbal or natural health supplements, multivitamins or any other related product. In this regard, there are thousands of website which offer these products and also provide a load of health information. Even though most of these products are safe and effective, some are not. It is, therefore, important to know what to look for when shopping for such products online.

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Selecting Pillows for Neck and Shoulder Pain

Shoulder and neck pain can interfere with your sleep. One of the things you can do to ease the pain is using the right pillow. Research has revealed that poor posture and inadequate support at night can contribute to these kinds of pain. Pillows for neck and shoulder pain will help you sleep better and relieve your pain.

You need a pillow that matches your comfort requirements and sleeping conditions. Softer pillows are using recommended if your pain is caused by inflammation or injury. Once the pain has eased, you can transition to a firmer pillow. The transition can be difficult for most people and you should only use a firmer one once you realize that the soft pillow cannot address your discomfort and pain. Your sleeping position and mattress influence the type of pillow that you select.

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Best Brain Supplements

Working out is excellent and it is a recommended activity for the sake of attaining a healthy body. In as much as the muscles must receive a number of exercises to stay healthy and active, so the brain needs to be active at all times. Any time the brain is inactive, the functioning is deprived and it will tend to have some common defects like the loss of memory and any other type of dementia. The inactive state of the brain is caused by lack of fresh and new brain cells, which tend to reduce as people grow old. Brain specialists have come up with a remedy of fixing the common brain conditions by introducing the brain supplements. There are many selections of brain supplements, but it becomes challenging when you need to find the best brain supplements.

How to find the best brain supplement
It might be challenging to find the right supplement for the brain, but it can be very easy if you have an insight of what to look for. Here is a guide that will help you be sure of using the best supplement for the health of your brain;
• Look at the content of the brain supplement. The first thing you will need to do is to check what is included in the brain supplement. Any brain supplement that does not specify the content or ingredients added should be avoided. In most cases, such brain supplements will contain ingredients that might cause negative effects to your system. Some of the ingredients that are recommended in a good brain supplement include Omega 3, Acetyl-l-carnitine, Phosphatidylserine, and a range of B vitamins. These compounds are associated with the improvement of the health of the brain.

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Cholesterol Reduction: How to Reduce Cholesterol Naturally

Cholesterol is an important molecule in the body and an essential structural component of the cell membrane. Among other functions, the molecule plays crucial role in maintenance of fluidity and structural integrity of the cell membrane. However, an excess of cholesterol in the body is detrimental. Bad Cholesterol (LDL) has been identified as the cause of heart attack, peripheral vascular disease and stroke. To curb this, health specialist advice people to ensure that their cholesterol remains at healthier levels. In a case of high cholesterol levels, many people rush to drugs in an effort to reduce the levels. This worsens the situation further by subjecting them to conditions that are hard to manage. This article aims to enlighten the reader on how to reduce cholesterol naturally.

Authentic Tips on How to Reduce Cholesterol Naturally

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Choosing Natural Treatments For Cold Sores Is Simple

cold soresCold sores are very unappealing and they can be extremely painful. The problem is one you contract the herpes virus,you have to accept there is no cure, only management of the problem.

Cold sores are small lesions filled with fluid which come up on and around the lips.Often there is more than one and they join up, crust over and well, stay there for a number of days being very painful and cosmetically unattractive.

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Healthy Green and Black Tea

teaGreen Tea is a Unique Type of Tea

One of the most popular types of teas on the market is green tea. This type of tea is made in a very unique way. It is popular for a variety of different reasons.

Green tea is a tea that is made out of camellia sinensis leaves. This is a common type of tea leaf that can be found throughout much of Asia. These leaves are used to help with creating a fresh leaf taste and green appearance to the tea.

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The Tricks of Naturally Fresh looking Complexion You Have the Answers!

younger looking skinThese oils permeate the layers of skin cells, renewing and nurturing harmed or dry skin. With routine usage, the outcome is naturally more youthful looking skin.

A fresh avocado, mashed into a paste and used to the face and neck, is packed with vitamin E, straight taken in into the skin, reconstructing broken cells on the area. To eliminate or minimize the look of scars, attempt using vitamin E oil straight to the scar on a nighttime basis. Depending on the depth of the scar tissue, even deep scars will be lessened within a number of months of day-to-day treatment.

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The Advantages of Acupuncture for Neck and Back Pain

acupuncture for back painIn order to prevent surgical treatments and taking addicting medications, lots of individuals are turning to natural treatments to get rid of their back discomfort. One of the most popular natural treatments is acupuncture. There are lots of advantages that acupuncture provides, and when you have this treatment for back discomfort, you will likely discover enhancements in other locations of your health.

iscDomfort Relief

Among the primary factors individuals count on acupuncture is to obtain relief from discomfort. Researches reveal that individuals who pick this kind of treatment reveal a significant distinction in their discomfort levels. Numerous individuals are able to utilize this treatment alone, and no longer have to rely on discomfort and anti-inflammatory medications to treat their discomfort.

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